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When you're facing roof damage from a storm, your roof is leaking, or you've found shingles in the yard, you may not know where to turn. Here are some common tips on roofing Amarillo residents should keep in mind.


*Find a roofing contractor with years of experience in the Texas Panhandle

Ask for references

A great roofer should have a long list of happy customers who will be glad to talk to you about their experience.


*Find a roofing contractor who will call you back — a company that cares about customer service!

This is the simplest test — Can you get a roofing contractor on the phone? Will they call you back? Do they show up on time for appointments? If a roofer doesn't call you back when you want to give them money, do you think they'll show up after you've already signed a contract?


*Avoid shady, fly-by-night roofing contractors

This may seem obvious, but every year we hear the same story after severe storms: disreputable out-of-state roofing contractors swoop in after a storm to prey on folks who think they're dealing with local roofing contractors — Amarillo folks who fell for these out-of-state companies tell us the same sad story again and again.


*The warranties on these roofing contractors' sub-standard work aren't worth the paper they're written on. These companies may even get a local phone number and pretend they're local roofing contractors — Amarillo residents have been ripped off by out-of-state companies in the past. Don't be their next victim.

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